SohoLondon for Generation X

We decided, the Teacher and I, that a year in Central might be fun.

After a Summer of wandering around our favourite part of London Town, it seemed like a good idea.  However, as a couple from “Generation X”, we are perhaps, not the demographic that most of the busineses in the area would be targetting.

6 months in and here is the story so far.

The first thing was to find a flat that would be suitable.  In the right area.  There may have been a slight difference of opinion on this very first decision to be made.  But, we needed to check everything out; from the studio appartment just off St Christopher’s Place (er, where’s the bed? Oh, right, up against the wall.  Which explains the absence of any furniture) to the one bed place just off Carnaby St (great position, but so small we’d probably be wanting to kill each other after 20 minutes); there was the gorgeous place behind Marylebone High Street (may as well be living in Wimbledon, so that’s a no), not forgetting a Russell Square offering that was probably perfect. That is, if we wanted pretty residentail and relatively quiet.  Not the point.

Soho was the target to be honest.  We thought we should go for it.  But, easier said than done.  Not much aailable int he price bracket but a friend of a friend worked in a block on Charing Cross Road.  “Here’s the number – worth a try”.  It certainly was.  2 bedrooms (how did we ever think that one bedroom would do it?) Overlooking St Martin’s Lane, huge rooms, tall ceilings, tick, tick, tick.  We struck a deal and we were in.

Schoolboy error – we hadn’t yet let our existing flat, fondly believing it would go in a heartbeat.  It was, in fact, several heartbeats before it went, which became palpitations.  If it didn’t go we’d have an extremely expensive time of it.

It went.  Aaaand breathe.

Here we go….